Startapp vs Airpush- Comparison from developers point of view

Startapp and Airpush are the two most talked about ad networks among Android developers. Aggressive marketing of their products through different ad channels, forums and websites have given them edge over the peers.

These two networks can not be categorized as CPI, CPA etc. It is not a pure CPM network either. Developers gets some nominal eCPM even if there is no install of apps directed from a developers’ app. Most of the other networks works in CPI model, where developers do not get a single penny, if no install is followed from an app.

Some developers get a reasonable eCPM of 1-3 from the two networks and therefore they are quite popular.

However, both the networks are popular for bad reasons too!  The apps with the two networks sometimes get banned in Google Play.  Some (generally two or more) repeated violation leads termination of Google Play Publisher account. The main issues that Google Play mentions are Ad policy and App promotion policy violation. Many forums are flooded with such issues with Google Play.

Both the networks come with a NEW SDK everytime telling it fully complied with Google Play. However, none of them get excuse from Google and the developers suffer.

So, if you are thinking of adopting the two networks, you should be ready for a compromise with your Google Play developer account!

Again a problem with Startapp is that their interstitial loads one by one for two-three-four times at a time, which is quite annoying when user navigates an app.

A Google Play publisher account is must for Startapp as it needs the Play Store url for activating an app. The same is not applicable for Airpush.

A comparison between the two networks gives us the following points:

Startapp Airpush
Reach Worldwide Worldwide
Ad formats Interstitial, Native ad, Banner, Exit ad, Slider Several formats- Banner, Smart Wall, Audio ads, Video ads, Push notifications, Interstial etc.
Platform Android, iOS Android
Payment Methods Wire Transfer, PayPal, e-Check/Local bank transfer PayPal, Wire Transfer, ACH
Payment Shedule Net 30 Net 30 (at present revised at net 45), Weekly payment with minimum threshold of $300/week.
Minimum Payout $50 $10 for PayPal, $50 for ACH
Fill Rate 85%-95% 85%-95%
Average eCPM Varies. Anywhere between .00 to 5! 0.80-2.50
Support Good Good. Promt.
Pros Timely payment Free from Google!
Good Support Timely payment
Reach to most locations Good Support
Many ad formats Reach to most locations
Many ad formats
Cons SDK issues with Google Play compliance. SDK issues with Google Play compliance.
No stable eCPM in daily basis. No stable revenue
Needs Google Play link to activate  Sometimes poor advertisements may be displayed
Insterstitial loads one after another annoys user.


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